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Retired technology guy- Education: Visual Art (sculpture), minored in 19th century literature (English and German). Evergreen State College (Hippies mostly) and Seattle University (Jesuits mostly) 1977-1981.

Professional: Former manager and researcher at Microsoft corporation. Co-hold with MS a handful of patents related mostly to computational linguistics some of which were employed in major (multi million customer) products marketed globally.

Personal: Married, six children 6-12 years old. Religion: Tillichian Christian, church every Sunday, the whole bit.

* score Econ:-7.25
Social: -6.97

Note: All Postings mentioning the fictional home town of Sayzobean, Washington are based on real events but should be taken as works of fiction.


Shows All In with Chris Hayes, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, NOW With Alex Wagner

People Laura Conaway, Ned Resnikoff, Jamil Smith

Issues Elections, Green, Economy