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Retired technology guy- Education: Visual Art (sculpture), minored in 19th century literature (English and German). Evergreen State College (Hippies mostly) and Seattle University (Jesuits mostly) 1977-1981. Occasionally active as an organizer in left causes- usually rights, green type things.

Professional: Former manager and researcher at Microsoft corporation. Co-hold with MS a handful of patents related mostly to computational linguistics some of which were employed in major (multi million customer) products marketed globally. Example: Word's AutoSummarize feature (From 1997 to Word 2003. It got broken when they redid some stuff and as far as I know it has not re-appeared. )

Personal: Multiracial, bilingual (EN,RU) family, six children 11-17 years old. Religion: Tillichian Christian, church every Sunday, the whole bit. Live in Christchurch New Zealand. Come visit sometime.

* score Econ:-7.25
Social: -6.97